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How it works

Create a Profile

Create a free account to discover your LeaderShape and start using LeaderShift. The platform has tools for assessing your leadership capabilities, development plans to help make you a more effective leader and a content-rich library to support you.

Take the Diagnostic

LeaderShift is an online leadership assessment and development tool that will transform Australian workplaces. Our research indicates that leadership capability is something that Australia needs and something that Australians want to develop. But when time and resources are scarce, how do you develop your leadership capability?

Get Your LeaderShape

Your LeaderShape provides a visual representation of your strength in each capability. It indicates the areas that should be a priority for development, based on your current situation and/or your ambitions for the future.


Interpreting & Influencing

Leaders are able to influence the behaviours of others through building trust, being aware of the position of others and displaying an ability to communicate their values and personal integrity.

Working with others

Leaders are able to build relationships with employees, teams, departments and external stakeholders, support teamwork and manage conflict.

Developing and empowering

Leaders are able to build organisational success through recognising the individual skills, talents and aspirations of employees and supporting them in realising their potential.


Focusing on the Future

Leaders are able to think about the future, by understanding their environment and setting a vision.

Managing change

Leaders are able to expect and anticipate change, build coalitions to implement change, and understand and communicate its implications.

Navigating complexity

Leaders are able to adapt to the increasingly complex systems within which they work and take wise and effective action amid rapidly changing conditions. This includes the ability to harness technological developments.


Professional acumen

Leaders have the expertise relevant to their organisation, across a variety of functions and departments. They have an understanding of how the whole organisation works, how teams feed into departmental goals and how departments work together to achieve organisational goals.


Leaders are able to adjust to the nature of the task at hand and the people involved by selecting the most appropriate course of action and implementation style.

Goal orientation

Leaders have the drive to get things done. They are able to define the roles of their followers, focus on and communicate their goals.

Take a 360

The contributions of those around you are a crucial part of understanding your status and potential as a leader. The 360 review is an integral part of LeaderShift which involves your peers, people you already lead and those you follow in rounding out your LeaderShape.

Start your Development Plan

Once you have your completed LeaderShape, you can choose to receive your development plan, tailored to your specific requirements. These plans provide reading, exercises, and reflective activities to develop your leadership.

Access Library of Content

LeaderShift includes a rich and constantly up-dated library of content relating to leadership. Use it to supplement your development plan activities, or to keep abreast of the latest thinking in leadership.